October 5, 2010

Press Release - Orchid-mania is Back

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Orchid-mania is Back

Orchid hobbyists are always looking for the finest books to help them learn more about their orchid collections.  The Orchids of Mexico and Guatemala was written for the most discriminating orchid fanciers of all - European royalty.  In the 19th century, the Queen of England tasked orchid grower James Bateman with the massive task of describing new orchid species that were rapidly being discovered in Mexico and Guatemala by professional collectors.  Bateman worked with the finest artists, explorers, and scientists of his day to assemble one of the most important botanical works of all time.

Bateman described 40 species of exotic orchids in detail and explained how to successfully grow the temperamental tropical plants in England, which had been nearly impossible until after the publication of the work.  Detailed and beautifully rendered botanical illustrations accompany each orchid species. 

Only 125 original copies were printed in the 19th century, making The Orchids of Mexico and Guatemala one of the rarest orchid books ever produced.  The list of purchasers reads like a who’s who of English and European celebrities in the mid 19th century.  Unfortunately, the original book is very rare and costly.  An original copy sold for $170,000 in 2002 by Christie’s at auction.  Fortunately, the book is now available as a reprinted softcover book.

James Bateman was a wealthy orchid hobbyist and amateur botanists who funded several orchid expeditions to Mexico and northern South America.  In addition to The Orchids of Mexico and Guatemala, Bateman also published two other orchids books that helped spark Orchid-mania in Europe.

The Orchids of Mexico and Guatemala is available exclusively for a limited time from www.Lulu.com for $64.95.


The Orchids of Mexico and Guatemala by James Bateman.  Second Edition.  8 1/2 x 11, 175 pages, 40 color illustrations.  ISBN 978-0-557-65983-8.  $64.95.  See our press room for a 300 DPI TIF of the cover.

The Orchids of Mexico and Guatemala Blog:  http://orchidsofmexicoandguatemala.blogspot.com/

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